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Gun Deals

Not only do we have great new and used gun deals, we are happy to purchase your gun, or use a pre-owned gun as trade towards another. We are dedicated to finding the gun you need or want and can assist with those hard to find guns as well!

How it works

1. Once you click the link to this site, it will appear as if your not logged in. You're not, and can't.


2. In the upper right hand corner of the page is a search window.Type in whatever you're looking for and it will pull up anything matching your search.

3. Once you find a gun you like, write down the item number to the gun. (each gun will have an individual item number)


4. Call us with the number or numbers, and we will give you a price right over the phone!

Search Available  Inventory

            PERSONAL CARRY
Carrying a gun can be confusing to a lot of people and there are so many Myths about what you can or can not do. We can help dispell those Myths and get you on the right track as to how, when, where and what you should do in certain situations.

We are committed to helping our customers in finding the right weapon for them, the right holster and ammo. As well as helping them with the process of obtaining a Georgia Weapons Carry Permit, as far as where to go and what to expect. We do NOT issue those licenses. They are done through your county's official offices.

            HOME DEFENSE

Home defense has become for most people the first and foremost first line of reasoning for a gun purchase and with good cause. We live in a dangerous world unfortunately. Keeping your loved ones safe is first and formost for all of us, with or without a weapon.

Here again, we are commited to helping you find just the right weapon and ammo for your family. Just because you've now purchased a gun does't mean your finished. Ammo has matured so rapidly over the past few years we need to find out the layout of the home, where are the other family members and what type of plan is in place for an emergency. We can help with all of this to ensure your plan is a good one!

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